Hello everyone!  Please meet my friend Dior.  She is a rescue Blue & Gold Macaw.  Isn’t she pretty?!  She belongs to my brother and his girlfriend.  His girlfriend’s mother helped them rescue her.  She still has some anxiety issues that they are working through.  You can see that she is still pulling her some of her feathers out.  However, she is in a happy home now with much love, lots of toys, music and a nice aviary to live in (instead of the basement she was living in). This girl LOVES to dance!  She is such a sweetheart, and she has such a great personality.

I have to tell you – their birds made me nervous. I wasn’t very sure about having a large macaw on my arm.  It seemed a little intimidating to me. They have a few other larger Macaws.  However, Laura taught me how to hold Dior, and it turns out we are great buddies!  I am glad I took the chance to hold her and get to know her.  She is a sweetie!  This past weekend we were hanging out over there, and Dior was on my arm for a while.  She seems to like being with people more than other birds.

Thanks for stopping by and meeting Dior.  🙂