Friends of ours are getting married tomorrow, so Tim and I are pup sitting for them.  These guys are a hoot!


Buster is the older of the two. Such a sweet boy. He loves to sit by us or lay on the floor and get his tummy rubbed. Such a good boy! He does not like bicycles though. We had to stop at the store tonight. A guy was on his bike. Buster barked and barked at him! 🙂


Teddy is a lovable lil stinker butt! He did a lil counter surfing tonight and licked my frozen pizza. He is a mischief maker. There isn’t a garbage can he doesn’t like to stick his head in! He (like my Cheyenne did) likes to sit on my lap in my recliner. 🙂 While we were out and about tonight he kept licking our ears and arms. So affectionate! Goofy boy!

We enjoy having them stay with us. It is nice to have pups in the house again. I have smiled a lot today!

These guys go home Sunday, and then we have our other two buddies coming to stay with us on Thursday.

Thank you for stopping by! WOOF! 🙂