Friends of ours needed to take care of some family stuff, so Tim and I are pup sitting for a week to help them out.  Guiness is the black pup, and Murphy is the chocolate pup.


Guiness enjoys hanging out with me in the recliner. He is a lil snuggler. He is the older brother. He is not as adventerous as his brother, but he begs at the kitchen table with the same vigor. 🙂 He has a tennis ball toy that he is protective of, and he likes to use it as a chin rest while sitting with me. So adorable!


I need to get a better picture of Mr. Murphy. He likes to check out what’s happening outside as well as in the kitchen. He likes to sit with me in my recliner as well, but this visit he seems to enjoy sitting on top of the chair above my head instead of on my lap.  He gets up there, sprawls out and dozes off. 🙂

The neighbor thinks they are adorable too, and she can’t believe how small they are!

It is fun to have pups in the apartment again! 🙂