I didn’t know anyone that worked at the WTC or the Pentagon.  I didn’t know anyone on the planes that crashed. I didn’t know any of the emergency personnel that responded or worked at Ground Zero after the terrible tragedy.  However, I was still deeply touched by it.



This was drawn by a student at the school my nephews attend. Amazing huh?

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We cannot EVER forget what happened on 09/11/01.  Our lives were all impacted.  However, I think long ago we already let our guard down.  I think we are all focused on other “stuff”.  I just hope that sometime in the future…maybe even today…that something terrible doesn’t happen.  Something worse.  I won’t even begin to speculate what.  However, with ISIS as they are, and all of the unrest in today’s world, I think it will happen.  I just hope that we as a nation are prepared for it.

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I still cry when I watch the TV programs about 9/11.  I still learn new things all of these years later.  I cannot imagine the trauma of those that were there…both those that passed and those that survived.  I heard one of the fire fighters say how ill so many have become years later due to exposure to mercury, asbestos and other chemicals that were in the air they were breathing.



9/11 has made me appreciate even more the service of our fire fighters, police, first responders, EMT’s, all in the medical profession, clergy, and those with the other government agencies that were there to assist.  The rescue animals that worked so hard as well.  So many volunteered to help.  They didn’t give up or go home until the work was done. Our military that took to the sky in case there was a need.  Those brave men and women that took the plane under control and crashed it into a field instead of it’s intended target – I cannot imagine!  They are true heroes!

We are SO incredibly blessed to live in this great nation and have the freedoms that we do.  Please do not take that for granted.  Thank God every day for all that you have.  Thank those that serve this great nation…not just our military, but the fire fighters, police, medical teams, etc.  Praise God that they do the job they do.


We can never forget.  We just cannot…..