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We had a great day at the farmers’ market today! I am doing the cooking for the next couple of nights. Pray that goes well! 🙂 Tomorrow night I am serving Salisbury steak (thank you Mark Brown!), garlic smashed potatoes and butternut squash. Monday night we are having a copy cat version of Panera’s cheesy broccoli soup.


Tim bought the huge jar of honey. It is raw and unfiltered from Thill’s Honey Garden in West Bend, WI. Last winter was harder than we thought. He lost 60% of his bees to the cold. He is such a nice man, and he patiently answers my questions. That jar should carry us through the winter. Hopefully. 🙂

Carrots are from the usual vendor.  I wish I knew his name. The carrots have been so sweet this year.

Tim bought himself a snack pack of Johnathan apples from Nieman’s. Those are his favorites!

The butternut squash and broccoli are from our friends at Hoekstra’s. The squash has been very good so far this season. The broccoli was hard to come by, but I know that it will be awesome having come from their farm. 

Polzin’s had white cheddar popcorn today. I splurged a bit and bought myself a bag! Raspberries must be done for the season. That’s ok. We enjoyed a lot of them!

Wild Flour Bakery had their awesome breads again. The loaf we bought today is half sour dough and half yeast. Their bread never disappoints, but eat it quick as I am pretty sure there are no preservatives! I think it will go great with both of my suppers!

The yukon gold potatoes, garlic, and sweet vadalia onion were from vendors we don’t usually buy from. I have my select few that I really like. I realize that is persnickity, but it is the truth!

Thank you for stopping by! Stay warm!