I really enjoy travelling to Door County. Life there is at a much different pace, and it is very refreshing. The people are friendly, and the question you will hear most often is, “So, where are you from?” 🙂


This awesome looking building is a church. Work began by volunteers from Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Washington Island. In August of 1995 it was dedicated as a Christian house of worship.

Stackirke is patterned after a church in Borgund, Norway that was built in 1150 AD. It was built as a place for spiritual meditation and worship. It is a tribute and replica to Washington Island’s Scandinavian heritage. I can feel the spiritual aura when I am there. It is incredibly peaceful, and I find it a wonderful place to pray.

There are four dragons at the front and rear . There are two side walkways that served those who could not be inside with worshipers for various reason to still be ministered to. These were also used as a place to leave weapons of those inside.


“Stav” means pole or support. Stavkirke has twelve center staves. The church has ship-like construction including tongue and groove joinery, shaped masts, ship “knees” or frames, and wood trunnels which are tree nails or dowels, and wrought iron fastenings. The carvings and adornments blend the pagan and Christian symbols.


The altar is so beautiful. The woodwork inside is so nice.


This is one of the pictures inside the church.



The Jerusalem Bible sits on the pulpit. I find it very sad that someone felt it was appropriate to write on the Bible.

I opened the Bible to my confirmation verse of 1 John 4:8.

There are other features in the church that I really like. There is a tool belt that hangs up by the ceiling as well as a model of a mackinaw schooner. Stop in next time you are there and read about them!

Stavkirke is open 24 hours a day year around. Services such as weddings and baptisms are held at the church.

There is also a Prayer Path for reflection and prayer. There are prayer stations and meditation benches along the way. You will also find engraved plaques with select verses of scripture.

If you get a chance to go out to Washington Island, be sure to stop by. Parking is along the road, and you walk back to the church.