I am part of a foodie group on Facebook.  I am by no means a chef or even a foodie probably, but they are an awesome group that help each other out with recipes, chit chat and the like.  The “owner” of the page, Chef Mark, recently posted that the price of olive oil would be going up.  Tim helped me do a little research, and we have the details.

The bad weather and the pests have devastated a large portion of the crop in Italy, and it sounds like other areas did not fare any better.  They didn’t have a cold enough winter to kill off the pests, and their summer was mostly rain.  There is a fly (Bactocera oleae) that took advantage of these conditions and ruined the olives by puncturing them to lay their eggs. After the worms hatched, the olives were ruined.  There was also a bacteria in the Puglia’s Salento region of Italy that cause the leaves to wither and die.  8,000 acres have been quarantined and will have to be burned to stop the progression of this bacteria. Some of these trees are hundreds of years old.  How sad!!!

Spain on the other hand has had droughts that have devastated their olive crop.

All of this means a reduction in supply, so as usual in these situations, the price will eventually go up.

Good news!  Our favorite place to buy olive oil has not reflected price increases YET. Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company!


Fat Louie’s is in Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin.  I loved stopping at this store because you get to try every single oil they sell before you purchase! Our personal favorite is the Sicilian. Dipping bread in this sends your taste buds on a tour of amazing flavor.  Heavenly!  They have a nice variety of olive oils, and their balsamic vinegar items are good as well! We used the raspberry balsamic as a salad dressing for a fresh spinach, strawberry, and cheese salad.  It was amazing!

Please consider making a purchase if you need/want some olive oil from Fat Louie’s.  Great product, great prices, and it is a great way to support a small business!

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Here is the link to the article we read regarding all that happened to the olives:

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