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Back in April 2014, we took Lizzy to the raptor showing at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.  It is such a wonderful place to learn about nature, and more specifically, raptors.  Raptors in general are birds of prey that hunt live prey or scavenge for carrion.

The day we were there they were having a special showing of their owls.  Today I would like to introduce you to two of their owls – Dory & Tucker.  I will share the other wonderful owls we met in future posts.

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Meet Dory!  She is a Saw-whet owl that is named after the founder of the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Dorothy Vallier.

Saw-whet owls are close in size to the Robin at 6.7-8.7 inches tall and weighing 1.9-5.3 ounces.  They are one of the smallest owls.  They are heard more during April though June when they are looking for a mate.  They lay 5-6 eggs.  Saw-whet owls make a repeated tooting whistle noise that some say sounds like a saw blade being sharpened on a whet stone.  They live in tree cavities in nests that are left behind by other small raptors.  They mostly eat deer mice and voles.  She is such a cutie!


Here is Tucker!  He is an Eastern Screech Owl.

These owls are very common in North America, especially East of the Rocky Mountains.  Adults are 6.3-9.8 inches tall and weigh 4.3-8.6 ounces.  They live in open woodlands, parklands, and wooded suburban areas.  They try to avoid living in areas where larger owls live.  Eastern Screech Owl like to live in natural cavities of large trees.  They are strictly nocturnal.  The like to nest in orchards and live on meadow voles and other small rodents.  During breeding season they also eat a lot of large insects.

If you live in the Milwaukee area. please consider a visit to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.  It is such a neat place, and we have learned a lot there.  The staff is very nice.  There are hiking trails, an observation tower overlooking Lake Michigan, and the education center.


Thank you for stopping by!