I am excited that today is Mardi Gras! My jambalaya is ready. For me it is all about the yummy food!

A little of the history of Mardi Gras:

The colors of Mardi Gras (also known as Carnival) are purple, green and yellow. Purple represents justice. Green represents faith. Yellow represents power.

Also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday. It is the last night of feasting before fasting for Lent. Traditionally, merrymakers would binge on the meat, eggs, milk and cheese in their homes in preparation of fasting and eating only fish.  Popular foods include King Cake, New Orleans Gumbo, Red Beans and Rice, and Jambalaya.

Mardi Gras was first celebrated in North America during the 17th century. In 1703, French settlers held the first Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile, AL. In 1827, students wore colorful costumes and danced through the streets of New Orleans for Mardi Gras. They were imitating what they had seen in France.

The first Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans was recorded in 1837. A secret group of New Orleans businessmen who called themselves Mistick Krewe of Comus organized a torch lit parade with marching bands and rolling floats in 1857. Krewes are still part of the Carnival scene in Louisiana. Other customs that still remain include bead throwing, mask wearing, decorating floats and eating King Cake.

Mardi Gras is a legal holiday in Louisiana.

Enjoy your day! Wear your beads and mask if you have them! Eat well! Have fun!

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