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Sometimes the clouds that pass over look very threatening.


Sometimes they look really cool, but you are left wondering…what is going on up there??? These are Mammatus clouds! Pretty cool looking huh?


Sometimes the clouds are tied into severe thunderstorms….such as this picture.

Tim and I would like to invite you all to attend a storm spotter training class in your area presented by the National Weather Service, (in our area) Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association, and the Midwest Severe Storm Tracking Response Center.  Learn what to watch for and if you are so inclined, how to make a report to your local NWS office.  Are you a HAM Radio operator?  They have special classes for HAM Operators.

Here in the Milwaukee area the classes can be found here…

We also recommend that everyone have a weather radio in their homes. A lot of communities no longer sound their tornado sirens, and truly tornado sirens are meant to warn those that are outdoors and not near another source to warn them of bad weather coming.

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