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A trip to Door County is not complete until you have stopped in Ephraim at Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor.  The staff is friendly, and the ice cream is wonderful. They have been in Ephraim since 1906.

It has the 50’s and 60’s diner feel to the place. I love the memorabilia that is all over the walls, including the small juke boxes.  They no longer operate, but they are sure fun to page through!  “Oldies” music has been playing each time I have been there!


I have never ordered a burger, but they sure look good! I have always stopped in for a sundae.  I am on vacation!  I can have ice cream. This is the Dairy State after all!


Tim (a San Jose Sharks fan!) is having the Eagle Harbor Perfection.  It was huge, but oh man was it GOOD!  French vanilla ice cream, perfectly paired with hot fudge and Door County cherry topping finished off with whipped cream and pecans (the description right from their website!).  Go figure…a sundae with Door County Cherry topping!  YUM!


I enjoyed the Wilson’s Special.  A tall glass of French vanilla ice cream with layers of butterscotch, chocolate, marshmallow and a cherry.  I usually get a turtle wherever we go.  However, I usually cannot resist butterscotch.  This was SO good!  I really enjoyed it!

Do yourself a favor if you are in Door County. Make sure Wilson’s is on your list of places to go. When you are done, take a bit to sit on one of the many park benches across the street and relax while looking out over Eagle Harbor.   ENJOY!