On Saturday (05/02) we went down to Maple Grove Elementary in Greenfield for their Arbor Day Ceremony and Tree Planting. Although Arbor Day was on April 24th this year, we planted Saturday. Approximately 28 trees were planted to create a lovely arboretum.


Tim and Todd from Cub Scout Pack 579 rolled the tree into the hole. The tree we planted is a Littleleaf Linden. It has heart shaped leaves, and at full maturity it will be 50 to 60 feet tall. It will produce small clusters of yellow flowers that are a great source of pollen for  bees and other pollinators.


The Cub Scout kids had a blast shoveling the dirt, but the REAL excitement was when they found worms in the dirt! Lizzy said she had fun too!

Happy belated Arbor Day! We plan to go tree planting again next year!