This past Christmas The Highground posted on their Facebook page that you could sponsor a tree for Christmas for $25. They have a row of beautiful pine trees along Hwy 10 that they decorated with red, white and blue lights. I thought that was a pretty neat idea, so I called them. The staff at The Highground is always so helpful and pleasant.

We (Tim & I, Mom, Mike, Laura and the boys) sponsored a tree in honor of my Dad, Uncle Jim, Uncle Bill, and Uncle Jim. They put a nice sign on the tree so others know who is being honored. When the sponsorship was over, they mailed the sign to me!

Anyways….you can sponsor an Honor Tree for Memorial Day (May 11 – June 14), Independence Day (June 27 – July 31st), Veterans Day (November 1 – 30), and Christmas (December 15 – January 31). The cost is $25. Even better than that – sign up for all four right away for $100! 🙂

You can reach The Highground at highgrnd@tds.net or by calling 715-743-4224. They took my info and credit card number over the phone, and it was super easy!

I think this is such a neat way to honor those that served or are serving. The Highground is such an awesome place. I hope you get a chance to visit.