We don’t know the details yet. I have heard rumors. I don’t know how Kelly ended up out in Sullivan. Honestly, I did not even know Kelly. Tim and I joined a search party that had formed. I will NEVER forget that day. It changed me. The search party met in a Pick n Save parking lot near where Tim used to live. We were going to search down by the river. A psychic had said look near water surrounded by tall buildings. Obviously now we know the psychic wasn’t right. That is OK. It was something. Better than nothing.

It was a small search party. There was a  boy along, the son of the gentleman that organized the search. He did a good job. We obviously did not find Kelly that day.

What touched my heart more than anything was to see the handful of spots that were home to the homeless. Reeds matted down where I assumed some of them slept. One person was fortunate enough to have a tent. His few clothes were drying in a tree. Another spot had a large cooler. I did almost have a panic attack when the boy opened the cooler. Thank God it was full of canned goods.  A little bit away from these spots were a few resin chairs in a circle around what looked like a very small fire pit. What I did not find – beer cans, booze bottles, needles, cigarette butts.

Imagine bathing and washing the few clothes you have in the river. Imagine sleeping in a tent night after night regardless of the weather. Imagine not having food, a warm bed, comfy clothes.

The one spot had a laminated sheet of paper laying in it telling the person that he/she had 24 hours to relocate. It looked like the person had cleared out.

We never saw the people that lived there. I assume they only came around at night when they wouldn’t be seen. I don’t know that for sure though.

I have no idea what happened. What caused these people to become homeless? How did they become so down on their luck? Why didn’t their families want to help? I will never know. I will not judge them.

That day touched me. I have never been so thankful for all I have. I had never really thought about just how good I really have it. I live paycheck to paycheck. I don’t have fancy things. However I am rich as can be. I have the basics – food, clothing and shelter every single day! How lucky I am! How truly blessed I am!

We did not find Kelly, but I found some serious compassion and humbleness and thankfulness in myself!

I am glad Kelly’s remains were found. I am glad Kelly’s family can put her to rest properly. Hopefully they can find out what happened. Hopefully they can move forward. Hopefully they can find peace. God bless them.

Please take a look around you and see how truly blessed you are.

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