Tim and I spent three wonderful days in
La Crosse, WI. If you get a chance to visit this beautiful city along the Mississippi River, please do so. The city is beautiful. The people are friendly.

We ate at a few different restaurants that we mostly enjoyed. Our very favorite was Buzzard Billy’s Flying Carp Cafe which is located at 222 Pearl Street. They serve Cajun/Creole food that is AMAZING! The prices and service were great. I can’t say enough good. I enjoyed it so much that I talked to the manager on the way out and complimented the whole experience!

Ok. Let me show you a bit about Grandad Bluff. First is a picture as we are heading toward the bluff. Sorry about the stop light in the picture!


The drive up to the top is beautiful. It is a bit narrow for my taste in a few areas, but it was OK. There is a nice parking area and nice restrooms there. I was pleased that it was all so clean.


Isn’t this flag hugely amazing!!! It is 12 feet by 18 feet. During World War II students from the schools in La Crosse donated their change (pennies, nickels and dimes) to help pay for the flagpole. It has been replaced a couple of times due to damage from a lightning strike and high winds (93 mph). It is a beautiful sight to see this huge flag!

This part of our trip was pretty exciting for me. Although I am afraid of heights (or maybe more so the fear of falling from heights), I really wanted to do this. So, with a death grip on Tim’s hand, I ventured out almost to the end of the lookout. Check out these views!!! I took a few pictures, and Tim took some for me.




The valleys are known as coulees from the French word couler. Hence this area of the great state of Wisconsin is known as the Coulee Region.

Grandad Bluff sits almost 700 feet above the river or 1,202 feet above sea level. The bluffs were formed by the glaciers melting. The different minerals, sand and rock have given the bluffs beautiful coloring.

Thank you for stopping by!