I sure do wish I could find one of those money trees in the back yard. I am, for most days, content with what we have. I truly wish though that I had more time and money to donate. There are so many charities and nonprofits I would love to support.

Operation Write Home is closing down on August 1st. I am really sad about that. Tim and I donate a good number of cards for our troops. I have heard of other organizations that have a similar mission. I need to look into them more. I know that Ronald McDonald House and my church will take hand stamped greeting cards.

How do you choose which charities to support?

I have so many causes I feel strongly about. I do support a few of them on a regular basis. The Highgrounds and Operation Write Home are the two I support the most. Both serve our military.

I would love to also support animal/wildlife rescues, Hunger Task Force, a few political groups, some health issue groups and, of course, my church (more than I currently do). I wish I knew a good way to spread what little financial support I can offer in the best way.

Thank you for a stopping by!