I am not sure if I mentioned it here on the blog, but Tim is running for the 17th District Seat for the Milwaukee County Board. The election is being held in April 2016.  We are already working hard at getting his name out there and attending various events.  Our dear friend Holly asked how she could help with the campaign.  She came up with this really neat idea of making bookmarks.

Holly is a stamper just like I am.  She makes such pretty cards, and well, I just love her work.  These bookmarks turned out just great, and the messages on them are just perfect.  Tim plans on clipping a business card to them and handing them out really soon!


Aren’t they adorable!  We just love them!

Thank you bunches from both of us Holly!

Stop over at Holly’s blog – Taj-Ma-Holly if you get a chance!


Thanks again Holly!  Thank you for stopping by!