Tim and I play Ingress, a cell phone GPS based game. One of the great things about the game is that you meet really great people (for the most part). One great couple we met is Mike and Melissa. Mike is the owner of Soap Passion. He makes soap, lip balm, beard wash, lotion bars and candles.

Mike uses unique items in his soaps. My very favorite soap is Blackberry Sage Champagne. Oh it smells SO good! I truly wish you could scratch and sniff your screen. I have it pictured below. Well, mine is almost gone now!


My interest in Mike’s soaps started at their home. Mike and Melissa  were having an Ingress cross faction get together. I of course had to use the restroom. The soap I used to wash my hands smelled so good and my hands felt good after using it! I went back outside and told Tim. He said it was probably one of Mike’s soaps. Later on that evening, as we were saying our goodbyes, Tim mentioned to Melissa how much I liked the soap they had out. She said it was their Honey Ale. Oh yea! It smells amazing!!! That Saturday we went to the New Berlin farmers market to get a bar.

The next bar I have to use is the Strawberry Champagne. Oh of course it smells incredibly wonderful! I can’t wait to open it up.

So you may be wondering, well what about Tim? He uses the beard wash. It has a great pineapple smell. It can be used by guys without beards as well. Tim says it is a great moisturizer.

They sell for $5 a bar, and I don’t think that is bad. I have purchased a LOT of Bath & Body Works over the years. I would much prefer to support a local business and friend than a huge retailer.

Besides the Etsy page, Soap Passion can be found at the New Berlin Farmers Market, Muskego Green Market and Milaegers Great Lakes Winter Market. I believe they also go to Madison and Cudahy. There is also a listing of local retailers on the website.

The Etsy site is at http://www.Etsy.com/shop/SoapPassion.
The website is at http://www.SoapPassion.weebly.com.

They are also on Facebook.

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