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When I first got involved in stamping years ago, I was searching for card ideas online and came across this awesome website called Splitcoast Stampers. Back then it was pretty much all about Stampin’ Up!, and you all know what a junkie I am! One of the groups you could join was Random Acts of Kindness. Well what a great idea! You sign up, list your address and birthday, and start sending and receiving cards! Later on a group formed just for birthdays. I loved it! Who doesn’t like to get happy mail!

Fast forward to 2009. My retina detached. My former Stampin’ Up! demo started a card drive for me. I had lots of happy mail! I was THRILLED! Then I lost my job. My employer said I missed too much work due to the surgery. Then there were issues with unemployment. I used up everything including my savings. I was seriously down to my last $7. I cried, and I prayed. My group of stamping friends on Splitcoast took up a collection. It was enough to pay my electric bill and get some food for me and Cheyenne. More tears!  Praise God for random acts of kindness!

During this same time I started to receive mystery happy mail. This went on for four weeks. Each week was a $20 gift card. I never found out for certain who my guardian angel was, but I have a pretty good idea. I am truly blessed to have great friends!

Now I am back on my feet. Money is very tight, and we certainly live paycheck to paycheck. A lot of times cash runs out before the next check. However, I will never forget how those random acts of kindness made me feel! Tim and I truly enjoy doing little things when we can for others. I strongly believe in paying it forward. I still tear up when I think how lucky I am to have such great people in my life! I will pay that forward and never forget it for the rest of my life!

You know, it doesn’t have to be money. Give someone your time. Visit with an elderly neighbor. Take a  treat to someone you are thinking of. Take a meal to someone that is having a rough time. Send flowers to brighten someone’s day. I like to tape a hand stamped card to my neighbor’s door.

It makes me smile to know I brightened someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Try it. Feel the happiness a random act of kindness can bring to you and the recipient.

Thank you for stopping by!