Tim and I have been blessed this year to have two oriole families come and stay with us in the Root River Parkway.  We put the jelly out at the end of April I believe it was, and we were so pleased to have two pair stay this year. We have speculated that maybe the second set is one of the babies from last year.  SO exciting! We just love them!

We were thrilled when we realized the males (much brighter tummies) were taking jelly back to the nests.  We knew there were two because one of our guys was shaped more like a robin, and we nicknamed him “Big Daddy”.  We do have some pictures of them, but they are from a distance or through the screen door. They are very shy about having their pictures taken!

Our friends at Wild Birds Unlimited have been so helpful in guiding us in our care of our lil feathered friends.  At their suggestion, we bought mealworms and another orange colored feeder for them once the babies arrived.  The mealworms are much easier to carry back to the nests, and I would assume more nutritious.  So, 1000 mealworms later, the babies are grown, and I  truly think they are bigger than the parents!  We switched out the mealworm feeder to a nectar feeder (1 part sugar to 6 parts water).  Oh do they love that!

They are not coming up to the feeders as often. I personally hope it is because they are feeding on natural “stuff” out on the parkway.  They should be migrating south soon.  We were told they will be with us through August. We were also told to leave the feeder up for two weeks after we see the last one – just to be sure. No problem for us! We want them to be happy and come back next year!

Recently we also noticed this super teeny tiny hummingbird trying to land at our oriole nectar feeder.  Well, the poor lil thing wasn’t really able to use that feeder, so I asked Mom if I could use one of her feeders (She has several.).  We got that set up, and that lil hummingbird is visiting us much more frequently.  They are so cute…and SO fast! He or she is so tiny that often if he or she is at the feeder facing away from our window, we don’t even know it is there!  We have learned that the hummingbirds stay in our area until October, so we will be sure to keep that feeder up until then.

Our upstairs neighbors have been feeding the other birds, so we have backed off on that for a bit.  Once the hummingbirds and orioles have migrated south for the winter, we will start regularly feeding the others as well.  We especially like to have food out for them for the cold winter months.  In the warmer months we don’t worry as much because there is so much natural food out there for them.  It is probably better for them anyways!

Let me know if you have any feeders up, and who stops by your feeders!

Thank you for stopping by!