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The leaves are starting to change colors already. Fall recipes are popping up all over on Pinterest, Facebook and various blogs that I follow. My nephews start school on September 1st. Speaking of time flying by…how did they get to be in fourth and second grades? Auntie Laurie is feeling old!

I will say that I am (as well as my dear friend Leslie) not fond of the hot and humid weather of summer. No thanks. Thank God for dear ole what’s his name that invented air conditioning! Heat and humidity are definitely a migraine trigger for me if I am out too long in that hot and humid hair frizzing yuck!

I love fall. I love pumpkin in almost anything. The new pumpkin spice latte M&M’s aren’t bad if you like lattes by the way. We have yet to find the pecan pie M’s.

I am looking forward to a crock pot full of chili or a beef roast or slow cooker lasagna. I tryly love and enjoy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for!

However I am sad to see summer go. We didn’t have very many “summer” days here in Southeast Wisconsin. I am ok with that. My petunias were pulled and tossed already. It is really odd. It just seems that Fall is here early!

I just don’t think I can gear myself up for winter driving. Ugh!

Thank you for stopping by!