Tim and I went to a cookout on Sunday, and we were asked to bring a dish to pass. Tim said he would like to take Snicker Bar Salad. We leave put the bananas and oranges.

Mom usually makes a double batch because we all love it, but my brother REALLY loves it. 🙂

I made a double batch and just the six apples and large bag of Snickers was enough. Sorry the picture isn’t the greatest, but you should try it anyways. 🙂 I received this recipe from my friend Roxie.


Snicker Bar Salad
2 small boxes instant vanilla pudding or french vanilla pudding (I used one of each.)
1 1/3 cup milk
16 oz whipped topping
3 apples
3 bananas
1 small can mandarin oranges, drained
1 bag bite size Snickers (cut into chunks)

In blender mix pudding and milk together. Add whipped topping. Chop apples, bananas, and Snickers. Drain mandarin oranges. Add all fruit and Snickers to pudding mixture. Mix well and chill.

I used my hand mixer because we do not have a blender. 🙂