09/11 came and went.  I didn’t post here that day.  I did pray for the families of all of those affected by this horrible day.  I shared a lot of posts on Facebook that I felt shared my feelings about this day in our history.  It was certainly a day that changed our lives forever. There were a lot of posts asking people to share where they were or what they were doing when it happened.  I remember it all pretty clearly.  I remember going home from work, and eventually going to bed.  The next morning the clouds were odd. People were saying it looked like heaven was crying.  Perhaps the angels were crying.  Maybe it was a way of helping us reflect.  I didn’t know anyone that was killed that awful day.  However, it sure did touch me and quite honestly scared me.  This is America.  This kind of stuff doesn’t happen here.  It happens far, far away…overseas.  How did this happen here?  I was able to pick up a couple of books that talk about 9/11…what we knew then, intelligence that was apparently ignored.  I will be reading these books sometime before 09/11/16.  I am curious about it.  I will share my thoughts on both books when I am done.  Meanwhile….never forget.  Pray for the families that lost loved ones.  Pray for safety for our great nation.  God bless America.  Thank you for stopping by.