I am a dog lover.  No kidding right?!  I have been finding it interesting to see and meet some of the K9 cops in the area as Tim is campaigning, and we are attending different events. Recently we were at the West Allis Common Council meeting.

Fundraising had been done for the K9 Unit, and there was a very brief presentation at the start of the Common Council meeting.  K9 Diesel and his handler Cpl McNally were present.  While I don’t have a lot of information on K9 Diesel, I still think it is important that our local departments have these Units. West Allis has three K9’s on their force.

Fundraisers for the K9 Units save taxpayers money, and that is just good stuff all the way around!


K9 Diesel was born on May 3, 2008 and did his initial training at Southern Police Canine Inc. in North Carolina  K9 Diesel is certified to do area and building searches, tracking, evidence recovery and officer protection. Cpl McNally uses Slovakian commands with K9 Diesel.  They have been together since October 2009, and they work third shift together. I wish I had a better picture of them.  My zoomed in picture is very grainy though.  Anyways. You can see that he is a very good looking dog!

The other two are K9 Sunny who is a Black Lab from Pennsylvania and specializes in narcotics.  and K9 Jax who is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix from Hungary and specializes in the same areas as K9 Diesel. K9 Jax responds to commands given in Dutch.

All are very handsome dogs, and we are so thankful for their service!