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Tim and I just spent an incredibly beyond fabulous four nights in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  It was the trip of a lifetime for us.  We don’t have the money to go traveling all over.  I was so fortunate to win this trip from a local radio station.  We enjoyed every single minute of it.  LOVED it.


We stayed at the Riu Palace Montego Bay.  It is a beautiful all inclusive adults only resort.  Yes, I enjoyed the fact that there were no children there.

The lesson I learned from this trip.  I am SO blessed.

I do realize that the people of Jamaica are happy and most seem very content with their lives.  We talked to quite a few locals on our trip. We learned a lot about their ways of life.  The average Jamaican makes $55 US each week.  The conversion rates when we were there were around $1 US = $105-$113 Jamaican. They have high sales tax and income tax rates.  The majority live in homes that would not even be considered homes here in the States.  I realize too that this is their way of life, and they probably don’t know any differently.  Most we talked to had no idea where Wisconsin was until we explained. Then they wanted to talk about snow!  Not all of them, but a few! 🙂


We loved our trip. We would gladly go back again.  The people are wonderful. The food is SOOO good. It is a very beautiful place.  I love looking at the Caribbean Sea.

As the wise Bellhop told me…you have to leave in order to come back again!

Irie!  (It is good!)

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