In my usual rotation of posts, today should be a recipe.  Since we were out of town, I have not had a chance to make anything new. I thought a cleaning tip might be fun. 🙂

We are not fortunate to have a self cleaning oven…unless by self clean you mean my labor or Tim’s!  A while back I used that Easy Off stuff to clean the oven.  Wow was that ever stinky and had that chemical yuck smell.  Just nasty.  I was very sick to my stomach from it, and I ended up with one really nasty headache.  I then went in search of a better, less stinky way to clean my oven.  There HAD to be a better way.

What I found was easy, and it worked like a charm the next time I cleaned it out.

First I used one of my pot scrapers from Pampered Chef (the little brown ones that come with their stoneware) to scrape off the “big” stuff stuck on the bottom of the oven. Any tool you have to scrape off the bigger pieces (if you have some) would work. I  just figured that was a great idea. Next I sprinkled baking soda ALL OVER the bottom making sure to avoid the heating element and the door.  I used a spray bottle and sprayed water – yep just plain ole tap water – all over the baking soda until it formed a paste like coating.  I let it sit that way for an hour or two.  I don’t remember because I was busy doing other “stuff” that needed to  get done.  I have a huge stack of old wash clothes for jobs just like this!  I used warm water and wet down my wash cloth and started wiping out the oven. I rinsed it out several times. I used some of the paste off of the bottom to wipe down the sides as well. I did have to scrub a bit on some spots that were a lil more caked on, but all in all it worked really great!

I have read on posts on Pinterest that some use vinegar instead of water, and some add Dawn dish soap.  I am not fond of the smell of vinegar, so I stick with the water.

What do you use if you do not have a self cleaning oven?  Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!