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Tim and I have been spending our Sunday mornings putting out flyers in paper boxes for Tim’s campaign.  This past Sunday (October 25th) was such a beautiful morning. The trees are just gorgeous this year, and we were treated to a few brief moments of viewing this amazing raptor.  I am not sure if it is a red tail hawk or a broad wing hawk. It flew off to grab up a critter. Such an amazing sight! Regardless…I loved every second I got to watch it perched there hunting.


Hawks are so special to me.  You might think I am nuts.  That’s ok.  Others think it too.  The day we laid my Dad to rest, we saw a LOT of hawks on our drive out to Oconomowoc.  I was seeing them everywhere.  While we were having lunch afterward, I noticed seven hawks in the trees across the highway from the restaurant we were at.  The significance in that?  Dad’s birthday was July 7th.  I really think he was with us in spirit that day, and I truly believe it every time I see a hawk of any kind.  It gives me goosebumps when they fly directly over me.  It is such a sign from him.  My comfort that he is watching over me.


I am not so sure the leaves will be as stunning after today and tomorrow’s weather. We are getting some rain today, and it is supposed to get really windy.  They even said the S word (snow) for tomorrow!  Jinkies!  Already!!!  Well, this tree was just too beautiful with the sun shining on it to not grab a pic.  We are so blessed to have the changing seasons here in Southeast Wisconsin.

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