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Happy Veterans Day everyone!

Veteran’s Day celebrates ALL veterans. It is often confused with Memorial Day. Veterans Day celebrates the service of ALL US military veterans. Memorial Day is for remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for our nation.

Veterans Day is always on November 11th.  This day marks that last day of World War I in 1918.  It was formerly called Armistice Day, but was renamed to Veterans Day in 1954.

I am so very proud of the military background in my family.  My Dad was in the Army. His brothers, my uncles, Jim and Bill served in Vietnam.  My uncle Jim on my Mom’s side was a career Marine.  Other great uncles served, and my great aunt Marian served in the US Navy.  I also have friends that have served in the military, and I am so proud of them as well!

This past Saturday (11/7/15) Tim and I had a wonderful opportunity.  My friend Misty was a guardian on the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight.  If you are not aware of this AWESOME organization, please take a few minutes and head on over to their website.  They take veterans out to Washington DC to see the memorials. Many of them cannot afford to pay for such a trip themselves, so fundraising is involved to cover the expenses so the veterans do not pay at all.  What a great cause!


So back to my story…Misty had put a message out looking for cards for her veteran Melvin who she was guardian for on the Honor Flight.  Well, I got the weekend wrong, and I did not get a card made on time…so I thought!  Misty posted that she was going on the flight on the 7th, and I messaged her to say I felt so bad I didn’t get a card ready.  She said, well bring it down to the airport and welcome them home.  Tim and I had talked about doing this several times.  We figured this was a GREAT opportunity!  We cannot express how glad we are that we went. I know our friends Ray and Leslie have done this as well and enjoyed the experience.


I made this patriotic card for Melvin, and I really hope he liked it.  We are all so blessed to live in this nation with the freedoms we have.  Thanks to all of our veterans.  I wanted to be sure that Melvin knew we really appreciated all he had done.  He is a hero in my eyes!  All that are serving or have served are heroes!

Melvin served in the US Marines in the Korean War.

Here is a GREAT article about Misty & Melvin.  Grab some kleenex. You are going to need them! http://www.wdtimes.com/news/local/article_730715d0-87d1-11e5-8d8a-a37b76af9ec3.html


With Misty’s permission, I am sharing a picture of her and Melvin as they came through the airport welcome home line.  There was so much celebration of these heroes.  It was heartwarming and touching and just so patriotic.  Flags were being waved everywhere.  A band played.  There were cheerleaders.  There were singers. There were signs and banners. There were tears.  There was love and gratitude.  There were hugs and shouts and hoots and hollering.  It was festive, and the positive energy was everywhere. It was an amazing experience, and I certainly cannot wait to do it again.  It doesn’t matter if you know any of the veterans or guardians on the flight.  Go!  Welcome these heroes home.  They have given what a lot of us are not willing to for our freedoms!

I feel very blessed that I got to thank Melvin in person.  I am grateful to know Misty, and I am grateful that she was able to be Melvin’s guardian.  Did I mention that her employer paid for her trip so she could be Melvin’s guardian?  Thank you to Subway for taking care of that!  Truly a wonderful gesture.

Thank you to our veterans!  God bless them one and all!

Be sure to thank a veteran today. Thank them every day.  They certainly deserve it!