Generally, I will not talk politics on my blog.  It is a hot topic, and this blog is more for fun. However!  I stand behind Sheriff Clarke and his beliefs.

On October 28th, Tim and I were happy to go listen to our Sheriff David Clarke give a talk about the policing in America.  We are so blessed that he is our Sheriff.  This man cares about his constituents and even better, he truly cares about our nation and upholding the Constitution.  This man gets it!  He sees that our nation is going downhill fast!


We had front row seats!  It was awesome!

I think the comment that hit home for me was when he said “The criminals are the victims, and the cops are the villains”.

Sure, there are corrupt cops, and Sheriff Clarke is not blind to that.  However, they are dealt with as soon as the issue is discovered.  Just as it is in any other field.  Not ALL cops are bad.  They are here to serve and protect.  It makes me sad and angry every time I see on social media or hear that such and such place won’t serve the police.  Um, when someone tries to rob them or there is a huge dispute in their place of business…who are they going to call?  Huh…911 dispatches the police. I am guessing it will be all fine and dandy then to have the police show up then! Right?

Another GREAT quote: “A society that makes enemies of its police better learn to make friends with its criminals.”

He talked to us about the police shootings that have made national news.  That made me do some thinking afterwards.  What about all of the shootings in Milwaukee and Chicago.  I don’t want to start a huge gun debate.  That is NOT what I am getting at.  That is a whole different subject.  But these shootings in Milwaukee and Chicago happen all of the time.  Nightly.  We don’t see anyone getting riled up about that.  We don’t see that making national news. Sure, it gets briefly mentioned that the violence is up in these cities.  Why do we care so much about some shootings, but not others?

Cops are humans too.  They make mistakes.  They value their lives, and by all rights will do what they need to in order to protect themselves in a deadly situation.  Wouldn’t you?

I also like that Sheriff Clarke likes to wait until all of the evidence is collected to make a call on a situation instead of immediately jumping to conclusions.  More often than not, Sheriff Clarke is right.  He is great at his job, and i am proud that he is my Sheriff.

You can find Sheriff Clarke on Twitter @SheriffClarke
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MilwaukeeCountySheriff/
He also does podcasts on The Blaze on Saturdays!

I proudly support Sheriff Clarke.

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