Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your celebration was good. I found a couple of recipes for leftover turkey that we enjoyed. I will share them in the next few days. I did freeze some of the turkey. I might make turkey dumpling soup later when it gets colder out. Not that I am wishing for it, but we all know it is coming.

Did you do any Black Friday shopping? I went out for a bit. I spent more time in the checkout lines than shopping, but it was fine. Some very nice people were in line around me, and we had a nice time visiting as we waited to checkout. It was about a 45 minute wait, but it went great.

Today I did a bit of Small Business Saturday shopping.  Tim and I try to do our best to support local small businesses. 

I am also about ready to send out Christmas cards. I will be sharing them with you soon.

Thank you for stopping by!