I love Christmas almost as much as I love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a great time for us to reflect on how blessed we are. Truly, compared to a lot of the world, we are blessed. Christmas, to me, is about giving. Jesus was the ultimate gift given. Our giving of presents is a reflection of that.

While I do think people get lost in the commercialism (Is that a word?) of the holiday, I still think their gift giving symbolizes that great day so long ago in Bethlehem.

It is certainly not at all about how much you give. The dollar value or quantity of gifts is not what it is all about.  Sure, some people certainly think it is. They go onto debt every year so the recipients can have extravagant gifts. That, in my opinion, is nuts!

What is it about? It is about being thoughtful, being kind, loving, and giving. Following the footsteps of God.

Tim and I, along with my Mom, have the wonderful opportunity this year to help the City of West Allis with their Giving Tree for the VA Hospital. We have purchased some small gifts and made cards that will be given to these Veterans. It is my hope that we bring smiles to their faces, even if it is for just a little while.

I look forward to watching my nephews open their gifts and seeing their excitement. Hearing their thank you with each gift they open. I am thankful for them.

I hope that your gift giving this year is full of thoughts of what we have been given and a reflection of your love and caring for those around you.

Merry (almost ) Christmas!