A few years back I gave up cooking. My meals were not eaten. After enough food was thrown away and my feelings were hurt, I knew it wasn’t worth it. I assumed I was a bad cook. I know I didn’t have a whole lot of experience. I thought my meals were fine, but it seemed I was wrong.

Fast forward a few years. I am part of an awesome foodie page on Facebook, and another page that shares recipes as well. I have a LOT of support and encouragement from Tim and dear friends on the foodie page. This has been wonderful! I am trying new recipes, and I actually enjoy cooking. I am learning to make things from scratch. I have learned that I can make a nice meal that is enjoyable.


It is hard to be in the position I was in (and probably still am to a point). My meals were turned away enough times that it really did mess with my self esteem.

Well guess what…I have been cooking, and we are both still alive to talk about it. I still second guess myself. I usually won’t cook without a recipe. I feel more confident with instructions. I ask a bunch of questions. Tim, my Aunt Sandy, my Mom and my friends Leslie and Chef Mark have patience with me, and I truly am thankful for their help. I have a ways to go, but I am making progress.

I am hoping that in some way this rambling may encourage anyone else out there that was put down for their cooking to try again or keep trying. Ask for help or advice. We always have a frozen pizza for backup…just in case. 🙂 However chances are that you already are a great cook!

Thank you for stopping by!