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We are having some severe weather in our area tonight, so I thought it might be good to put out a quick reminder about the difference between a watch and a warning. Now you might be saying to yourself, seriously Laurie! It is so obvious. Well, I can tell you from seeing posts on social media that it appears that is not the case.

A watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather. This can include winter weather as well as thunderstorms or tornadoes. Keep your weather radio on and nearby. You all have weather radios right?

Sirens are meant to only warn people that are outdoors.

That brings us to warnings. This means that it is happening in the warned area. Storms, tornadoes, snow – whichever warning is called – it is happening!!!

Be prepared, not scared. Have a weather plan. Have an emergency kit prepared. Be sure to keep fresh batteries in your weather radio and a flashlight. I also try to be sure my cell phone is charged if they are calling for bad weather. This gives you a means to call for help, get weather watches and warnings, and monitor the situation if you so desire. There are great weather apps out there.

RadarNow is an app that Tim and I use. There are many others.

Just some thoughts and advice from me.

Thanks for stopping by!