Today would have been a milestone birthday for Dad. I know we all would have got together for at least cake and ice cream.  German chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting would most likely have been his choice.  As a kid I would never eat it because of the coconut.  🙂 We definitely would have gone out for supper this weekend to have a nice meal to celebrate. It was never a big deal to Dad, but we celebrated anyway! 

I sure do miss him. I miss his laugh. He was great at telling a joke with a totally straight face, and then laughing with you as you got it! I miss talking about stuff with him. I miss gardening with him. 

He would have been absolutely thrilled with his grandsons. I know they would have adored him. They do hear stories about their grandpa though. 

Happy birthday Dad! I hope you have one heck of a party in heaven today. Love you bunches and  miss you tons.