These hot summer days are rough for cooking good meals that don’t heat up the house. I don’t like to use the oven at all when it gets hot and humid. It makes the air conditioner run that much more which makes our electric bill go up. 

I have been using the crock pot a lot lately. I have a new recipe I am trying today. I made an elk chuck roast with taters and carrots from our local farmers market over the weekend. It was SO good!

We also tend to grill out more on days like this. Tim made us pork chops last night. They were awesome!

It is also a great time for fresh fruits. I remember when I was growing up we didn’t have air conditioning at the house. Dad would come home from working outside in the heat and humidity all day, and sometimes his supper would be a cantaloupe cut in half, seeds removed, and filled it up with vanilla ice cream. To this day that is one of my favorite summer time treats. 

Stay cool this summer, and enjoy it while it lasts. I have seen some trees with leaves starting to change already in the Parkway. 

Thank you for stopping by!