Tim and I are on vacation this week. We are making the most of our 10 days off locally and on a very tight budget.  

Today we went up to the American Legion in Germantown to see the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall. It is a half size replica of the actual wall in Washington DC.  To our knowledge we do not know anyone listed on the wall. I know I am truly blessed because both of my uncles came home alive. I have never really talked to either of them about their time over there. I am certain it wasn’t great. 

In this picture, if you look closely, you can see that some names have diamonds after them while others have a cross. Those with a cross have not been found. 

This flag was one of the many flags displayed at the educational hall. 

We took our time and stopped in front of each section. We read many of the names. 

Remember those that served. Thank them for all they have done.