In keeping with the money theme, I would like to tell the story of two groups that I had joined or thought about joining. 

I used to be a very judgmental person. I am far from perfect. I am getting to be a lot better about not judging others. I have things going on in my life that others don’t know about, and I realize that we all are in that situation. So who am I to judge? Perhaps my experiences with these two groups have helped me come to see that it is not my place to judge others.

The first group is a political group. I can hear your thoughts already. Laurie, why would you join a political group in the first place? Well, because I feel very strongly about it. I feel that the small things I can contribute will somehow make a difference in the long run. Things went south with one part of this group. I felt like an outsider looking in. I can’t afford weekly manicures, hair done by stylists, fancy jewelry and designer brand clothes. I cannot afford to spend the $25 it cost to attend the monthly, and sometimes more often, get togethers this group has. I saw the looks I got. I knew what they meant. I avoid them now. I get it. I won’t be part of the group even though I am asked often to join them. 

The other group was more direct with their snubs. What amuses me about this is that they cannot figure out why they cannot grow or maintain membership. Ideas that we presented were snubbed usually. One idea I presented was later brought up giving the credit to another member of the group. Petty on my part I guess, but I was trying to participate and be helpful. Tim was snubbed because he was running for a political position. General comments were made right in front of both of us. Then it came to my attention at the annual picnic that maybe the reason we were not fully welcome was because we don’t have the money to travel the world and see all of these great places they had all been to. I cannot say it was everyone in the group. There were two members that I can honestly say I am really glad to have crossed paths with. We are no longer members of that group. 

Why our financial status makes such a difference is beyond me. We were generous with our time and our commitment to helping both groups, which is more than I can say for other members of these groups. 

Thankfully we do belong to other groups that do not judge us based on our financial situation.

People need to take a step back and realize that just because others do not have as much, that doesn’t mean they do not fit in or should not be part of the group.