A few weeks ago Tim and I went down to General Mitchell International Airport to welcome home the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. This was our second time doing so. The flight honored WW2 and Korean War veterans. We did not really know anyone on the flight. Tim is friends on Facebook with a guy that was a guardian on the flight.

We were so pleased to be surrounded by two families welcoming home their veteran. The third family we sat with had sponsored a veteran to fly since their relative passed before he was able to go. These families shared their stories with us. We signed a big huge poster board that would later be given to one of the veterans. One lady handed out small American flags to all of us. Mr. Kehl was especially wonderful to speak with. I regret that I cannot recall if he was a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel. It was an honor to stand with him. It was awesome to see his pride in every single veteran that passed by us.

I shed a few tears (as I am now) as the veterans came by. We yelled and cheered and clapped. The veterans grinned. Some had tears. There were salutes. Hugs and kisses were going around. Tim and I were shaking hands with some of the veterans as they came by always thanking them for their service. One pulled me in for a hug and a kiss. I felt SO incredibly honored and special. That man touched my heart. He is the reason I feel it is an amazing honor to go welcome them home.

Besides the fact that these people went and served their country in war, they deserve to be honored for their selflessness and pride in their country. I am so happy that they get to go out to Washington DC and see the memorials and monuments.

If you ever get a chance to go welcome home an Honor Flight, please do so! I think you will be blown away by the experience. Their last flight this year will be on November 5th.

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