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My dear friend Joe has been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army for a few years now. Last season I told him I was going to do it too. I did it on December 2nd.

It was chilly out, so I bundled up and took my gloves along  The wind came down St. Paul Street like it owned it. I had a nice little windblock display to stand  near, so I didn’t mind a bit. 

I said hello to almost everyone that passed me in the two hours I signed up for. A few people would not look my way at all. That’s ok! Some people stopped to chat for a minute and thank me for being a bell ringer. Two sweet ladies scolded me for not wearing a hat! What a great variety of people! It was neat to see them all. 

Everyone I said Merry Christmas or I hope you have a blessed Christmas to said Merry Christmas in return!

I would say have a great day to those on their way out of the Milwaukee Public Market .  I smiled a LOT! 

I think I was very successful in helping today. A lot of people smiled. Three people were thrilled to get rid of all of their change. One lady emptied her entire  change purse and thanked me because it was so heavy. I said, oh really…Thank YOU! 

The Salvation Army does great things. It is really easy  to volunteer  for a two hour shift. I really hope I am able to do it again next year. 

If you have a lil change in your pocket going jingle-linga-ling, consider dropping  it in a Salvation Army red kettle. 

Merry Christmas!