When Roxie and I were in high school, we would drive around at night all around town and around the lakes to see the Christmas decorations. At the time it was popular to have a candle light in every window. We really enjoyed doing that. 🙂

The lights on the Christmas tree have always been my favorite part. I did a bit of research and found that originally people used candles on their trees to represent stars. It was a huge fire hazard though as you can imagine. 

For me, the lights have always represented a star. Just one. The star the Wise Men followed to Bethlehem. I have a large silver star as a tree topper. 

I absolutely love to sit in the living room in the dark with just the tree lit. Our tree is nothing spectacular. It is small with just lights and ornaments (mostly handmade). It is time I use to reflect on things going on, and I usually end up saying a prayer. I find it to be a very quiet and peaceful time.

I hope that if you celebrate Christmas that you enjoy the lights on your tree as well.