Please be an advocate for your own health care.  When you go see a doctor, do not assume they have looked at your chart and know your history.  Do not assume that the doctor you are seeing has looked at reports that other doctors have sent over.  Speak up. Ask questions.  Talk to your doctor.  If you feel that you won’t remember what is said to you, be sure to take along someone you trust.  I take Tim to almost all of my eye doctor appointments for this reason.  I have anxiety issues, and I want to know that I didn’t miss anything.  Tim is good backup. He also listens to what the doc says, and then we go over the appointment in the car on the way home. Be sure you are getting the best care you can.  Be sure you are informed.  Do not be afraid to follow up with additional questions you have after you leave the appointment via features such as My Chart, but also understand that doctors in different networks cannot communicate fully on these My Chart sights.  I learned this from seeing doctors in two different networks here in the Milwaukee area.  One doctor was part of the Aurora network, and my primary physician is part of ProHealth Care.  I was told that some info is shared, but not necessarily all.  I may not be 100% correct on that, but I prefer to err on the side of caution.  I now request at every doctor appointment (podiatrist, eye doc, etc) that a report be sent to my primary physician. I then let her know to watch for it.  It is truly helpful to have all of your doctors on the same page.  As I have gone through some of my own health issues, I am finding out how important this is.   Take care of yourself.  Let’s all have a happy and healthy 2017.