I remember well the conversation Tim and I had with former neighbors of ours regarding renter’s insurance. He wanted renter’s insurance, but she did not. I don’t know how they ever resolved it. We strongly urged them to get the insurance. It is quite cheap, and it is so worth it!

We tried to explain the importance of being able to replace everything should you lose everything. Chances are good that it won’t happen, but jinkies, do you want to be uninsured if it does?  There is another apartment complex near us, and they have had two or three fires there in the past year alone. Scary stuff!

My insurance broker posted a great article regarding renter’s insurance, and I thought I would share a link to their blog.  It goes into detail about the benefits of having renter’s insurance and the different parts of a policy.  It is a short read that is jam packed with info.

I realize not all of my followers rent an apartment, but I still think it’s a good idea to talk about it.  I am a former home owner, and I know home owner’s insurance is also a good idea. It might even be required?  Well, anyways.  I truly suggest looking into it.

Already have renter’s insurance?  I think you can still gain some knowledge from this article. I know I am emailing my broker to be sure my policy covers the stuff discussed in the article.  My policy renews May 1st, and I want to be sure to have changes in place if needed.

I also think it is a good idea to review what you have anyways.  Make sure you are covered for what you have as life changes.

Here is the link:  https://www.myknowledgebroker.com/blog/do-i-really-need-renters-insurance

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