I would not say I am a coupon queen. I don’t obsess over them. I don’t go out and buy a bunch of stuff just because I have a coupon.  Well, once in a while I do. Sometimes you just cannot beat the deal.

I recall a good 10 years ago a conversation I had with a former boss of mine. He is well off.  I was making good money and doing fine.  We had this gig in the office though that we would share the coupon packets from the Sunday papers.  There were a few of us in the office that would go through them and take what we wanted and then pass them on to the next person.  I remember him saying to me, you still use coupons?  Why yes!  Every little bit helps!  The conversation went on, and he apparently thought that I made enough money that I should have to use coupons. Well, I like to save just as much as the next person!

We don’t go out to eat a lot. Well, lately we have because we just aren’t home much. Anyways.  We do use coupons a LOT when we eat out. If I can find a buy one get one coupon, we like to use those.  A lot of local places have great food coupons – Cousin’s Subs, Papa Murphys,  Jersey Mike’s Subs, Culvers, and our favorite local pizza joint.  Look online. Check out those flyers that come in the mail.

We have tried new places thanks to the coupons we have found and used.

Grocery shopping with coupons is also a good deal.  Woodman’s has coupons hanging all over the store. I still cut coupons from the Sunday paper ads as well.  I don’t always remember to take them along and use them, but I do try.

Save yourself a few bucks!  There is nothing wrong with using coupons.  Every lil bit helps!