Oh my goodness am I spoiled!

Tim wanted to go to our favorite Italian market in Milwaukee – Glorioso’s. They have such amazingly yummy stuff. Their homemade sausage and sauces are just incredible.  A bonus was that they were giving samples of three of their sauces.  We had previously tried two of them.  The new to us was Tomato Cream.  We tried it, and we loved it!

At this point, I didn’t know what Tim’s plan was for supper. He just told me that it would be obvious when we got to the market.  Stuffed Jumbo Shells!  YUM! A first for us.  They were awesome!

The leftovers warmed up very nicely the next day.

Tim’s Stuffed Jumbo Shells
1 pound bulk Italian Sausage
1 pound high quality Ricotta Cheese
1 24 oz jar pasta sauce
1 box jumbo shells
Shredded mozzarella

Brown the Italian sausage and cool.
Cook the noodles according to box directions until done al dente
Combine the cooled sausage and Ricotta cheese
Stuff the shells (Tim just used a spoon to do this.)
Top with sauce and mozzarella cheese.

You may want to put them in a preheated oven just for a couple of minutes to get the mozzarella melted a bit.