Recently a local grocery store chain has been closing some of their smaller, less shopped stores in our area.  They are having Store Closing sales.  Most items in the store are 25% off, with some items being as much as 50% off. Sounds great right?!

I know my prices on items that we purchase often.  I notice when prices go up a few cents here and there.  For example, the shredded cheese we often buy went up thirty cents a bag recently.  I am amused now that the store we shop at frequently has it “on sale” for the price it used to sell for before the price increase.  We really like the cheese, and we like to support the local dairy it comes from so we buy it regardless.

What we noticed at this Store Closing Sale though was that their 25% off prices were what we usually pay at the store we shop at most often.  People were loading up their carts with “sale” items that weren’t really a sale deal at all!  I found one item I was willing to purchase that I knew I was getting a deal on.  We did grab two other items simply because we were there and needed them. I just kept commenting to Tim, that is the usual price at the other store.  That isn’t a savings. That isn’t a sale.  He just kept nodding.  Bless him for putting up with me! 🙂

I will miss the convenience of once in a great while stopping at this store to grab one or two items that we really needed, but otherwise, I am not overly concerned that they are going to be gone.  Living where we do I pass two other grocery stores in my short 10 minute drive home.

Know your prices so you know you are getting good deals when you are out there shopping!

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