My friend Roxie bought me this awesome pan shortly after she bought hers.  I love making homemade meatloaf. It is such a great comfort food.  Mine is always a bit more on the greasier side because I use a half pork and half beef recipe.  Well, this awesome pan with the holes in the bottom does a great job of letting the grease run out of the meatloaf for easy discard when you are done.  I make a two pound meatloaf, and it fits in here just fine with or without a mozzarella layer in the middle.   🙂


You put your meatloaf mixture in the pan on the right in the above picture and that pan settles into the larger loaf pan on  the left.  Then you bake it.  The grease goes down through the little holes as it bakes.  The meatloaf does not dry out at all.   My pan has had a lot of uses, so it looks a little, well,  used.

If you go onto smile.amazon.com (Using Smile sends a portion of your purchase to a charitable organization.), you can find all different varieties of this pan for all different prices.  I have not looked in local stores for this pan, but I would think you could find them there too.

I really like these pans. Clean up is easy, and that is always a plus for me!

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