A lot of people look down at Aldi or cannot seem to bring themselves to shop there.  I used to be kinda snobby that way. Not anymore! Tim and I have done some of our shopping there for a few years now.

I especially like the store near us now that they remodeled.  They have a fresh bakery section, and the store just seems to be laid out better and much more organized.  I believe they are in the process of remodeling all of their stores, but I could be wrong about that.  Not at all 100% sure about that.

The deals on their fruits and veggies are great.  Granted the variety isn’t huge, but they seem to always have what is in season, and I have always been able to find bananas, onions and taters.  Their strawberries this season were awesome, and they were priced much cheaper than the grocery store.  Peppers have been cheaper and nicer at Aldi as well.  That was nice for making fajitas for Tim! 🙂

The new fresh bakery is great. The croissants are amazing!  They still have the packaged hamburger buns and loaves of bread they always did.  They now offer donuts and other bread items.  Definitely a win!  The prices are pretty good for these items as well.

Next up – their meat.  I do not but a lot of meat there, but I do like their Kirkwood (Tyson) chicken breasts in the bag.  A three pound bag is very decently priced around here, but I am sure the price varies by the area just as it does with most other things.  I did buy a sirloin steak recently when I made the fajitas for Tim, and it was reasonably priced and a very nice cut of meat.  I would definitely do that again. I also like to buy chicken thighs at Aldi. Again, it is mostly due to the good price.  Sometimes they get the huge family packs in for dirt cheap. I usually get two and break them up into meal size portions for us and freeze them up.  Their frozen shrimp was priced very well during Lent this year, so I stocked up a bit.

When I get ready for Christmas baking, I definitely watch their ads for good prices on flour, sugar, pudding mixes, and baking soda.

A few other products that we really enjoy include pesto, spaghetti sauce, angel hair pasta (2 pound box for the price of a 1 pound box at the other store), trail mix, milk, eggs, the PurAqua flavored waters, and their pizzas.

They always have a section of seasonal stuff. I have bought some neat Christmas presents from this section.  Watch the prices. You might be surprised at what you can find, and how much less it is!

Take a quarter along so you can get yourself a cart to use in the store. You get it back when you return the cart. Bring along your own bags if you don’t want to pay for their paper or plastic bags (10 cents and less at our store) or hope to find empty boxes along the shopping trip.  🙂  It’s a great way for them to keep prices low.

Enjoy your shopping trip.  Let me know what you think!