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I have been asked several times how can I stand to watch hockey? That question is almost always followed by the comment “It’s such a violent game/sport!”

Hockey is awesome! It is a fast moving sport. There are fights. That is a given. My oldest nephew’s first game featured a rare bench clearing fight. Every time we go to a game now he asks me, “Auntie Laurie, will there be a fight?” We never know. They both love watching the games though with or without a fight.

Some players lose teeth during the game. It could be from a fight. It could be from a puck to the face. A lot of players grin and have no front teeth. One of my favorite players sporting a toothless grin is Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks.

In a great story shared by nhl.com, it turns out that this great guy was mistaken for a pirate while on a family vacation at Disney! He was asked to sign autographs, not for his hockey fame but because the kids thought he was a pirate! I am certain that toothless grin was the cause! 🙂 He did so gladly. What a great spirit!

Not all hockey guys are rough and tough. They are good natured big hearted guys!

Go catch a hockey game if you get a chance. Get into the positive energy. Have a blast!

Here is a link to the story about Brent Burns. I just love it!

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