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The best mistake happened a couple of months ago!  I placed my order from Savory Spice Shop. I save some of my tax season overtime money so I can place a good size order.  One item I always seem to need is cocoa powder. Between baking brownies for events we attend and Black Bottom Cupcakes at Christmas time, I go through a fair amount of cocoa powder.

Savory Spice Shop offers several kinds of cocoa powder.  I almost always buy the Natural Cocoa Powder.  I did order the Dutch one time, but I went back to using the Natural. I thought the flavor was better for my personal taste.

What was the best mistake you ask?  On my huge end of tax season order, I ordered the Natural Cocoa Powder.  They sent me the Black Onyx Cocoa Powder.  This was neat because Tim and I had talked about trying it, but I never did order it. It was like it was meant to be.

The Black Onyx Cocoa is VERY dark in color.  It makes my brownies very dark colored, but the flavor is so rich and good!  Savory Spice recommends that you replace 25 – 50% of the standard cocoa in your recipe with the Black Onyx, so that is exactly what I do.  The fat content is 10 – 12% so it may make your recipe a little bit drier.  They suggest adding a a little extra shortening, butter, egg yolk or a heavier milk to your recipe, depending what your particular recipe calls for.

Their Dutch Cocoa Powder is good.  It is a richer, darker and slightly milder powder. They recommend it be used for hot cocoa or other chocolate drinks. It has a fat content of 22-2%

The Natural Cocoa Powder is generally what I use for baking.  It has a good somewhat bittersweet flavor.  You can use 3 Tablespoons of this to replace a 1 ounce square of unsweetened chocolate in your recipes.  It has a nice color to it as well.  This cocoa also has 22 – 24% fat content.

They also offer Mexican Cocoa, Mayan Cocoa and Organic Raw Cacao powder.  I have never used those, so I do not know much about them or their flavor.

If you are looking for a good tasting cocoa powder, please consider giving Savory Spice Shop a try.  They have great stuff, and I really like them!


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